Jul 16, 2014

Rockjewel feels fortunate with Pretty Jelly Elysian

Lovely Pretty Jelly Elysian is from the Spring Summer 2014 collection. It is a teal-leaning to blue polish with a beautiful, silky, linear holo with some green hints. I ordered this from Edgy Polish, but I have earlier also ordered some Pretty Jellies from Mei Mei

The formula is really good, two coats covers perfectly. No problems with the application. I could though wish for a wider brush, but it works ok. 

I can definitely recommend Pretty Jelly! There is a new, beautiful collection out now, Interstellar Dreams, but unfortunately not yet at any of the suppliers, thus at the moment only availble for US. So the rest of us will have to settle for this for now, but that ain't too bad, or what do you think?


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