Aug 6, 2014

Rockjewel reveals a dark and a bright side with Lilypad The Angel Duo

The Angel Duo is a Norway Nails exclusive duo from Lilypad Lacquer. 
The dark polish is called Angel of the night and is a dark, somewhat blackened violet with a scattered holo and a bit of a textured finish. 
The light polish, Angel of the light, is almost white, with some violet tint and lots of shimmer. It has the same textured finish as the dark.
The holo effect is, as said, scattered, and more visible in the light polish. The dark need some more direct lighting to show the effect, but it is still very beautiful. Though difficult to capture in a photo...

I decided to do some stamping on this, shown in the bottom photos. I used Lilypad Almost Famous on Angel of the light, and Vylet silver on Angel of the night. The pattern is from a Cheeky XL plate. I was very happy with this and actually kept it for three days, that's unusual for me.

The formula is really good. I used two coats of both, but I think I might use three of Angel of light next time, there were tendencies to VNL in som angles. Angel of the night was more than opaque in two coats. Easy to apply, and also fairly easy to remove, for being a textured polish.

You can buy the duo here. Norway Nails have an excellent customer service and quick delivery.

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