Jun 15, 2014

Rockjewel scales it up with MckFresh Lady Scales

Lady Scales by MckFresh was included in May edition of What's In-die Box. I really love this sort of dusty green color, if you can say dusty about a polish with loads of shimmer. A proof of my love is that I a couple of weeks before I got this polish I bought Formula X Star Power, a polish with exactly the same color. 

The polish is a bit sheer, but I think three coats on its own would give ok opacity. I actually used the Formula X Star Power as undies. Star Power has a bit of textured finish so the result with both that and the texture from Lady Scales created a nice finish. Still I put topcoat on to smooth it out a bit and enhance the sparkly effect. I was really pleased with the result! Take a look!

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