Jun 6, 2014

Rockjewel jumps on the TARDIS train with Above The Curve Donna

Above The Curve is a new brand to me. I don't remember if I happened to stumple upon it, or if it was a friend who found it. Either way I decided to order some, and another friend joined in,  she is a big fan of Dr Who. I must admit that I'm not. Dr Who is entertaining, but I seldom become a fervid fan of any tv series, I like a lot of them but I seldom follow any of them slavishly.
However... I think I can become an avid fan of Above The Curve! 
So far I have tried Diablos 2.0 and this: Donna. With the Diablos I was a bit tired when I put it on and I didn't want to eternalize the sloppy result, I will do a better job next time. But I managed to put Donna on my nails without major disaster, at least a good enough result :-)

Donna has a very good formula, two coats covers, and the application is quite easy. For the record Diablos 2.0 was as easy and opaque as Donna so I guess that this is common for all Above The Curve polishes. We'll see when I try the other three. The holo effect is medium strong, mostly scattered but in sharper lighting a bit linear holo is also present.
I have also seen swatches from some of the polishes my friend ordered, I might need some of them too. And maybe some from the new ultra holo collection, they are lovely.


  1. Väldigt snyggt! Jag gillar den lite roströda basfärgen.

  2. Nytt märke för mig, kul! Underbar, varm färg. :-