Jul 2, 2014

Rockjewel sings an alluring song with I Love Nail Polish Sirene

It is so difficult to describe the multichrome polishes, It is equally difficult to capture all the beauty of them in a photo. 
I have a bunch of multichrome polishes by now, mainly from Dance Legend and I Love Nail Polish. Some with holo effect added. I like them all a lot. Both brands are beautiful, good formula etc. etc.
This one is ILNP Sirene. It might be my favorite with all the color shifting, at least for now! It ranges from an icy turquoise to a deep forrest green, with burgundy and a zillion other nuances in between. I really love it!
As said, good formula. Some bald patches on the first coat but a second rich coat fixed that. 
Too bad I didn't get any outdoors photos, maybe next time.

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