May 17, 2014

Rockjewel polish with Polish polish Wibo, a polish from Poland

Excuse the bad grammar and the play on words, but I couldn't resist :-D

This is a polish I bought in Krakow last summer. Lovely city, visit if you have a chance! Interesting city, old history, modern history, good food, shopping and much more.

I bought a lot of nail polish, many of them of this brand, Wibo. The quality is good, and since they cost nearly nothing it is defnitely worth buying a lot, complete your collection with basic colors and also fun colors and finishes. 
Tnis Wibo polish is from the Last & Shine collection. A periwinkle blue with at fine shimmer finish. The formula is good, two coats. A few bald spots after first coat but easily fixed with the second coat.

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